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We are dynamic consulting company, that provides comprehensive business advisory for enterprises.

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What other say about us?

  • First contact with Merlin Konsulting LCC we established already in 2007, when company has developed for us number of analyses, e.g. organization structure analysis, current financial situation analysis and analysis of number of planned investments.

    Permanent cooperation started in January 2008. By then, company was providing us various services, e.g. creation of comprehensive activity and development plan for 7 years, representing the company towards financial institutions, supervision over foreign projects, raising external finances, supervision and controlling over medical, management and financial activity of the company.

    Foundation of cooperation with Merlin Konsulting LCC is reliability and professionalism, which are connected with personal commitment to the cooperation and sensitivity to the specific of company functioning. Advisory services are provided always on time, without reservations, with due diligence.

  • Cooperation with Merlin Konsulting LCC has started in year 2009, when company Aquarius Beauty Centre was only in the sphere of idea. Consultants from Merlin Konsulting oversaw the process of company creation, prepared the registry documentation, were in the constant contact with the governmental agencies, watched over legal and financial correctness of contracts, formed further marketing plans, cooperated with sanitary-epidemiological station, supervised construction and renovation works etc. After few years of our activity, efficiently conducted change of the name and structure of our Clinic.

    Currently Baltic Centre for Plastic Surgery is a constantly developing company from medical industry. Employees of Merlin Konsulting supervise company’s financial sphere, co-create marketing conceptions, lead negotiations with other medical practices, remain in permanent contact with our company’s team, continuously monitor the results and implement remedial solutions in selected areas. Taking into account the above, with full responsibility we recommend Merlin Konsulting company to the new Clients.

  • I recommend company Merlin Konsulting LCC in the field of management services and services for medical companies. Our cooperation with above mentioned company started in January 2009. Services provided by this firm are made with due diligence and punctuality. Company conducted reliably supervision over finances and human resources of our enterprise. Moreover, in an innovative way is organized marketing and Public Relatins conducting.

    We are very satisfied with quality of provided services and course of ongoing cooperation.

  • With a great pleasure we recommend advisory services provided by Merlin Konsulting LCC. Basing on our current cooperation we ensure about efficiency and high standards of services provided by Merlin Konsulting LCC.

    Company provided for us advisory services in the field of finances services and supervision  over preparing Cash Flow Account. Moreover, Merlin Konsulting prepared for us financial projections, taking into consideration our plans of acquisition of long-term investment loan.

    Company has complied with its obligations in a timely manner, the prepared analyzes was complete, reliable and up to our expectations. Additionally, company employees demonstrated high competence and meritorical preparation, which resulted in obtaining finances adequate to the planned investment.

  • I declare that Merlin Konsulting has prepared financial projections for the construction investment and conducting the specialized medical activity within Non-Public Health Care Institution.

    Parts of prepared plan were detailed cost and income projections for investments, development of procedures of supervision over financial expenses and settlements, opinion of concluded agreements, development of financial plans after ending construction investment, presenting of various methods of external financing.

     Worth noticing was professionalism of employees of Merlin Konsulting company. Cooperation resulted with new innovative solutions in the field of development of projected medical entity.

     I’d like to commend employees of Merlin Konsulting for their commitment and disposability and help in solving any ongoing problems, connected with conducting a medical entity.

    Current cooperation empowers me to recommend this firm as a very trustworthy, reliable and efficient partner.