About us


About us

MERLIN CONSULTING LLC is a dynamic advisory company, whose mission is a comprehensive business consulting for companies, functioning both in the European Union, and in Islamic countries.

Since company establishing, we’ve been cooperating with many enterprises, institutions and organizations of different specificities and needs. The main area of ​​our activities is the medical industry. As a result, we have gained a very broad and meaningful experience, both in the field of consulting and training for health care entities in the world.

Our company consists of a competent team of advisors with rich experience in the field of research and consulting. Most of the staff combined their practical and professional qualifications with the scientific development at prestigious economic universities of Poland and abroad.

Merlin Consulting is currently focusing on providing complex services in the field of business consulting.

The company exist in an organized form only since 2007, but our experience on the Polish market and abroad dates back to the year 2000.

We specialize in the following areas:

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