As a part of company activities, we offer valuation services using assets, income and market based approaches. Valuation methodology is selected basing on the current financial situation of the entity and market analysis, as well as on the purpose of valuation conducting.

We also offer services such as valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property, as well as trademarks. We prepare valuations for items of the balance sheet in accordance with IAS (International Accounting Standards).

Our specialists conduct valuation basing on reliable sources of information and financial data. We use current researches, databases, forecasts and news from business.


 We offer:
  • company valuation
  • trade mark valuation
  • investment certificates valuation
  • intangible assets and intellectual property valuation
  • stock or share valuation
  • financial instruments valuation
  • valuation of the portfolio of receivables
  • economic damage valuation
  • valuation verifying


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