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Privacy Policy reserves the right to changes to this Privacy Policy. Every user current Privacy Policy located at Privacy Policy.

Any changes implemented to the privacy policy will not change its underlying principle: not sell or disclose to third parties any personal or address customers / users of your website.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not sign up for the newsletter service list

Personal Details

At the time of use belonging to the you may be asked to provide some of your personal data by filling out a form or by other means. The data that will be asked, in most cases, your name and e-mail. In the case of an order form, you will be asked to give more detailed personal information.

We require only those data which are necessary for the operation of the site. Failure to provide the required data to block the function which the data concerned.

Subscription to free magazine

In order to subscribe to electronic and free newsletters belonging to the must enter the correct form of your name and e-mail address. These fields are mandatory.

The collected information is added to a newsletter mailing list. The e-mail address is required in order to  send the given user the newsletter. The name allows to address readers by name.

Ordering services and products

Ordering services and products offered by requires to provide a complete address. Required fields are marked with.

Unannounced Messages

Merlin reserves the right to send unannounced messages to individuals whose contact information it possessesand who accepted its Privacy Policy.

By unannouncedmessages understand information directly relating to its services, magazines, products and services (eg, changes, promotions), non-commercial letters
(eg greetings, personal comments, etc.) and commercial information whose distribution was paid for by clients

The entities contracting the commercial mailings do not have access to any personal information of the individuals on the mailing lists.

Commercial information is filtered to the extent possible, their size is limited and sent sporadically.

Explicit Personal Details

Personal information given to sites belonging to the while commenting to articles, forum replies, etc. are available for all visitors to the pages containing the data. Merlin does not have possible to protect you from individuals or companies who use this data to send you information unspecified. These data are therefore not subject to the Privacy Policy.

 Other forms

Forms hosted on websites owned by and related services, products, websites and magazines that are not supported by are not liable to the Privacy Policy.


Some areas belonging to the may use cookies, which are small text files sent to a user’s computer to identify it as needed to simplify or cancel the operation.

Cookies are harmless to your computer or its user and his data.

The condition of cookies is their acceptance by the browser and not removing them from the disk.

Used by us cookies are used for statistical purposes by Google Analytics, and to remember the information that visitors are familiar with the information that the use of cookies.


The Privacy Policy does not apply to services or companies whose contact details is provided in the’s websites and magazines.