Completed projects

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of projects conducted for our customers. We approach each project individually and with reasonable accuracy. Extensive experience and expertise of our team guarantee the highest level of satisfaction with the services performed by us, both in the medical industry as well as within other branches of business.


  • market analysis of rehabilitation and care services for elderly people prepared for the investment – House for Seniors
  • business plan for a specialized center of aesthetic medicine and venous - The Baltic Centre for Plastic Surgery in Kolobrzeg
  • medical activity analysis for health resorts in Kłodzko - Group PGU
  • business plan for the highly specialized hospital NZOZ Medinet, a division of Wroclaw, a division of Nowa Sol along with the prospects for development in other regions of Poland
  • business plan for dentalspecialist center in Zielona Gora
  • business plan for the newly built highly specialized hospital - Centrum Leczenia Chorob Serca i Płuc – Pomorski Park Medyczny Trojmiasto
  • business plan for a specialized center of aesthetic medicine and venous Aquarius Beauty Center in Kołobrzeg
  • business plan for a high-tech hospital Cardiac and Vascular Diseases in Dubai along with developed research base in the formula of partnership between Dubaiotech, local authorities and investors from Europe
  • business plan for a hospital in Damascus, Syria
  • acquisition plan, transformation, extensive restructuring of the hospital in Sanaa, Yemen
  • optimal plan for the conduct and development of services to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and epidemiology in hospitals in Poland for the company TEX-MED LCC
  • comprehensive plan principles, methods and optimization of contracting and supply assortment of medical organizations, including the highly specialized equipment to healthcare facilities in Poland, prepared for Symico LCC
  • analysis of the medical services market in Romania, together with investment plan to transform and operate on the basis of outsourcing by the Investor of Poland medical
  • business plan: the construction of the treatment center Cardiac and Vascular Diseases, Wroclaw for NZOZ Medinet
  • business plan for the development of the company's operations in Algeria and Yemen for NZOZ Medinet
  • development of non-public hospitals consolidation program for the National Association of Private Hospitals
  • advising on the creation of the company Pomeranian Medical Park, and obtaining financing and project implementation
  • outsourcing program management Adenia hospital in Yemen


Other projects:
  • business plan: an entertainment center for children and youth in Wroclaw
  • business plan: foodtruck start up in Wrocław
  • business plan: catering company start up in Wroclaw
  • implementation of the EU project "Passport to Export" for the "Drukarnia Speed ​​LCC" for the export of the Company's markets: Germany and France
  • business plan: Ice Cream Shop Anne Barton, Arkady Wroclawskie
  • business plan of agritourism "Dwa Dęby"
  • business plan: the purchase and operation of the mine granite, MRC Doltech LCC
  • business plan: the development of transport companies aggregate MRC Doltech LCC
  • business plan for Signal Monitoring Center of Impel SA in the economic zone of Nowa Sol
  • feasibility study of the project: the construction of the pavilion pediatric hospital, Koszarowa Street, for the Marshal's Office
  • feasibility study of the project: center for the blind and partially-sighted in Wroclaw, for the Marshal's Office in Wroclaw
  • feasibility study of the project: center for hearing impaired children in Wroclaw, for the Marshal's Office
  • verification of the restructuring program FUM Poreba SA
  • developing a program of development Palace in Moszna, for the Office of the Marshal of Opole
  • develop financial projections in the outsourcing of industrial guards for EC Zielona Gora SA
  • restructuring program for PKS Dzierzoniow